Ekaterina Melnikova is a distinctive twenty-first-century Russian musician with a European name who composes, arranges and performs organ music.

Since 2010 she has successfully created for herself a unique genre of organ performance – a first-of-its-kind synthesis of organ sound, laser shows, light and video installations, elements of choreography and theater, ensembles of various musical instruments and much more.

Ekaterina Melnikova’s programs – conceived by her, with music that she composes and arranges herself – are invariably greeted by the public with enthusiasm, and her concerts in Russia, the CIS, Europe and around the world draw capacity crowds.

The boldness and originality that enable her to wrest an antiquated instrument from the grip of academic music, her freedom from clichés and stereotypes, her boundless fantasy and openness to any and all creative experiments – these are the qualities that astonish and delight audiences around the world.

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